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Rolen redux?

Posted by jrfinger on March 12, 2008

Scott RolenSo, Scott Rolen would have said OK to a trade back to Philadelphia. That’s what the former Phillie told me Wednesday morning when we spoke to him at the Blue Jays spring training complex in Dunedin, Fla. Of course, that’s easy to say now that he’s tucked away safely in Toronto, but I actually believe him.

The problem is, even if the Phillies had pursued a trade with the Cardinals, St. Louis needed a third baseman in return and Wes Helms wasn’t going to get the job done.

Rolen had a number of things to say during our chat on Wednesday, but what really stuck out to me was that he, “Never said he didn’t like Philadelphia.” Now that, I’m not sure I believe. He said it will never be found in quotes that he made such a claim, but it was common knowledge around the clubhouse that he wasn’t happy there.

He may very well be telling the truth – he didn’t dislike Philly – but he sure didn’t like being a Phillie. Rolen said it was all about not coming to terms on a contract with the Phillies. For anyone who was a spectator for the whole drawn out show, it was obvious it was not just about a contract … but none of that matters anymore.

Scott Rolen is now a member of the Toronto Blue Jays. Never thought I’d see that one.

From the Pharm
While thinking of what it would have been like to have Scott back in Philadelphia, I realized how much home-grown talent is on this current team.

Three-quarters of the infield, two-thirds of the outfield, the catcher and three of the five starting pitchers came up through the Phillies’ system. You could even say four of the five pitchers were home grown if you want to count the fact that Adam Eaton was drafted by the Phillies – that is if he remains in the rotation.

Needless to say, that’s pretty impressive. There aren’t a lot of good teams out there that can boast of that much successful, home-grown talent. The Rockies and Indians are two that come to mind.

The Romeros
We spent some time with J.C. Romero and his family on Wednesday afternoon. He and his wife Erin have a place not far from the facility for the spring. They have a beautiful daughter, Jaslyn, who is 15-months old and is absolutely adorable. J.C. and Erin met in college at the University of Mobile where they were both athletes. Erin can proudly boast that she hit more home runs in one season than he did.

They’re really a nice family. Erin helps J.C. keep his body in efficient shape. She introduced him to a woman who is a biochemist in Tennessee. It’s through her that Romero has put together a large assortment of supplements to keep his body in good working order. He doesn’t drink, although he consumes a ton of water. He also has a massage table and is a big believer in message therapy.

We’ll have that story coming up soon on SportsNite.

Coming home
It’s back to Philadelphia Thursday morning. My time here is over. I’m hopeful that the Phillies will step it up these last couple weeks of spring because I really don’t want to spend the month of April talking about yet another slow Phillies start.


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